The Hockey Jersey Company

We are one of the internet's largest sellers of vintage authentic hockey jerseys, specializing in the classic jerseys your collection craves. From CCM, Starter, Koho, Maska & more, we have a constant and ever changing inventory of jerseys.

This website will also serve as a growing wealth of information on the brands, types, sizes and customization options available. We're just starting out so hang with us while we grow.

Our successful eBay business was the inspiration for the website and brand. We love getting great classic jerseys into the hands of fans and collectors alike. In the coming months we will be launching a newsletter with weekly updates on our newest arrivals as well as a monthly jersey giveaway.

We will provide our customers even more ways to save while getting involved in this great hobby. Keep checking back for more and sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss a thing!

New Webstore Coming Soon

April 23, 2014: The Hockey Jersey Company will soon be launching their own web store. We can lower costs by cutting out eBay fees and pass those savings on to you. Look for it in early May.